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On May 21, Russia celebrates the Day of polar explorer. This Day is celebrated since 2013. The initiative of a new professional holiday was announced by the members of the Russian Federation Council in December 2012, in particular, by the President’s Special Representative for International Cooperation in the Arctic, president of the Polar Explorers Association Arthur Chilingarov. He said, “Polar explorers are now not only researchers at high latitudes. They are all whose life and work are connected with the study and development of Polar Regions. There are about two million polar explorers in the country.”

With #MamontVodka #ChooseAdventure For the third year, the MAMONT MISSION has invited adventurous bartenders to compete in a world-class food & cocktail pairing competition in 2016! The semi-finalists from Russia, UK, France, Germany and USA met one more time for their last friendly battle-off and “Grand Finale” in the land of contrasts, the land of fire and ice, the land where nothing is quite as it seems, both a fertile, temperate, European country like any other… and it is also a barren, frozen Arctic wasteland, all at the same time…

The Mamont Mission is a cocktail and food pairing competition for bartenders and a chefs, demonstrating a dish and complementing cocktail that captured Mamont’s Siberian heritage, both of which has to include Mamont Vodka as the primary ingredient.

Spring 2015 brought the second annual The Mamont Mission competition and following four sets of heats in London, Paris, Tbilisi and St Petersburg, the nine best teams were invited to take part in the Grand Finale in Moscow. The finalists came from England, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Russia and all displayed hugely creative, well executed entries that encapsulated the adventurous spirit of Mamont Vodka.

The Winners in 2015:

Dries and Arie from team Botty & Ariaan were chosen because of the truly professional presentation they gave. The Belgian team created a beautifully presentation, executing a combination of flavours that really complimented the vodka.

Maxime and Juan from team Sliyaniye in Paris were chosen for their true encapsulation of Mamont’s ethos; Choose Adventure. The team demonstrated their creative spirit by inviting the judges to try their food and cocktails while sitting in a tent, listening to sounds that took the minds of the judges to a far away place.

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The Grand Finale of The Mamont Circumpolar Mission 2014 took place in Moscow on May 19 at the renowned restaurant Ragout just before the official Polar Explorer Day in Russia. Competition was fierce as each of the 10 best bartender and chef duos from around the globe battled to present the jury with the “perfect serve.” Each team was asked to harness Mamont Vodka’s authentic Siberian in presenting their mouth-watering cocktail and accompanying polar appetizer.

Mamont Vodka cocktails took part in the presentation of the collection “Rene Guerra, or the painting of the Russian spirit” at Sotheby’s on 17 March.

Sixty years later, Mamont celebrated Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s conquest of Everest by organizing the prestigious Everest 60 cocktail competition.

56 Degree Martini by Alec Dyson
50 ml Mamont Vodka, 15 ml Single Malt Speyside Whisky, 15 ml Americano Coffee, 2 Dashes of Absinthe.